"There is Meaning to my color"

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We offer four different mentoring programs. Our mentoring programs are operated by a Meaning In Colors Life Coach. The programs addresses relative topics that are imperative to today's society.

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Pouring Into Our Hearts

Pouring Into Our Hearts is a transitional housing program. We offer three to nine months housing plans. Our motto is "Breaking homelessness to achieve Greatness." 

We provide services as clients transition into their own independent living.

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Community Outreach

Giving back is significant to help our community growth. Our organization will either orchestrate or form partnerships with other community programs, to create a community event. 

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Healthy Living

As an organization, we encourage healthy living by promoting an active lifestyle and healthy diet plans. Living a healthy lifestyle is imperative when maintaining a fulfilled long life.

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Activating Your Gifts

Activating Your Gifts is a program that partners children with a mentor to help develop their gifts and talents.

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